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Get Google Chrome’s Omnibar Bar Features & More In Firefox

Smart Address Bar is a Firefox add-on that that turns your browser’s URL bar into an intelligent and fast search tool. After installation, simply type the first few letters of your search term in the URL bar, and Smart Address Bar starts displaying increasingly specific results in a drop-down list view, with the search terms highlighted and underlined. It also tends to find things you might not actually have keyed in, and pulls up to seven history suggestions. With it, you can save time by typing half (or part) of your search term and clicking the result you are looking for. Additionally, you can discover new interesting websites without looking for them, as the add-on suggests new items that might interest you.

After installing the add-on, all you have to do is type in a few letters of your query, and matching search results will automatically be displayed in a drop-down list, along with history suggestions. An icon is displayed next to each result retrieved from Smart Address Bar. When you click one of these results, the Smart Address Bar search engine opens with your results in the same tab. You can then scroll through them and find what you’re looking for – that’s how simple it is!

smart address bar

The add-on is not without its flaws though. The one major problem I have with it is that you cannot change which search engine it will use. If you look at the URL it shows that search is carried on its own search engine which looks like it might be pulling results from Bing but that is not the case. The interface does match that of Bing but when search results were compared between both, there was a difference.

Since the search engine cannot be edited to the one you prefer, it does make the add-on less useful. To use it means to change how you search and to compromise the quality of the search results as well. The description does not say where the suggestions in the URL bar are pulled from but it is a safe guess to say they come from queries entered in the add-on’s own search service.

The developer can make this add-on far more useful by at least adding options to change the search engine. Even as far as using other, lesser known services goes, this one is too much of a maverick to bet on.

Install Smart Address Bar Add-On For Firefox

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  • Awful..no configuration and odd behavior. Nothing like Chrome.  InstantFox is a much better alternative to make Firefox have like the Chrome Omnibar, and no additional EULA’s to agree to.

  • Shatimi

    A horrible add-on that fails to deliver what it promises, and a memory hog to boot 🙁 Omnibar is so much better.

  • Dan

    I like it! It’s simple and easy to use. A keeper for sure 🙂

  • Austin

    Does what I needed it to do – save me from having to use conventional search, can search right from my address bar, works well!