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Google Calendar: Add Sports And Birthday Events Now

In today’s busy world lots of people keep track of their things in their calendars, for example, birthdays, meetings, business trips etc. Google Calendar over the years have become the first choice for many online users. It is very easy to use and gives hundreds of useful options to keep track of your things and share them with other people as well. The thing that Google Calendar was lacking was the inability to calendar events for the fun stuff like and sports schedules, birthday and also holiday calendars of different countries.┬áBut today, Google has introduced most of the desired options to Google Calendar.

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Open the Google Calendar, under “Other Calendars”, click “Add” then “Browse Interesting Calendars” and find calendars of hundreds of teams in different sports.

Google Calendar_1251955439943

When you subscribe to a team’s calendar, you’ll see every game listed, updated in real time with the score as the game progresses.


Google Calendar also offers many other interesting calendars like “Contacts’ Birthdays and Events” calendar, and “Phases of Moon” calendar etc. that you can subscribe. Dates are automatically pulled from Gmail contacts and profiles.

Along with these calendar options Google also adds two new Calendar Labs features, “Dim future repeating events” that will make recurring meetings more transparent over time and “Add any gadget by URL” gives you option to put any gadget in your calendar

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