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Google Translator Gadget: Easily Translate Your Websites

In today’s competitive market if you reach out to your consumer before your competitor, then you are in a better position to tell him about your products and services and eventually selling them. The best marketing tool in this age is web. Provide the information on your website and think that you have covered the whole world. But the only problem in global reach is the language. For that you need to translate your website into several languages. It’s a a big ask; But Google Translate has made this task a lot easier.

Today, Google has made the task translating your website content into 50 languages even more easy. Google has introduced website translator gadget powered by Google Translate. This makes your website content available in 51 different languages. Now if a visitor having a different language -as decided by the browser- than your website than a banner will be prompted to translate your site content into their local language.


The visitor just needs to click the button and all the content will automatically be translated into his local language, making your task easy.

It is very easy to install, Google provides everything you need, just visit Google Translate homepage and click on the “Tools” tab. You will see a code snippet, you just need to copy and paste this code into your webpage. This is all you need to do to present your website into 51 languages.


Although Google Translate is not a true alternative to professional translation but with the passage of time different language support is becoming natural and reliable and soon Google Translate may replace even professional translations.

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