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HelloSlide: Add Audio To PDF Presentations via Typed Text [Web]

Helloslide is a smart service that transforms PDF slides into a rich audiovisual format by letting you add audio to presentations in PDF format. This web application works by adding speech to each slide and then automatically generates the audio. Simply upload a presentation, type the text you want to hear for each side and the audio will instantly be generated for the particular text. With HelloSlide, your slideshow is just like a live lecture. The service allows you to customize slides and add audio for them, which can be listened to instantly.

HelloSlide displays a large number of presentations on its homepage, which are divided into multiple categories, such as How-to, Technology, Education and more. Users can either browse these presentations or upload their own by clicking the upload button displayed the top of the page. Once you’ve uploaded a PDF presentation, you can edit and add text to the slides. Moreover, the app allows you to listen to a preview to see how your presentation will sound.


When you click upload, a page with a Choose File button will be displayed. You can set the presentation as public or private. Simply select a file from your system and hit the blue upload button.


Your file will be uploaded in a few minutes, initially without any audio. You can click the add audio to your presentation button displayed at the top of the presentation.

add audio

When you click this button, each slide will be displayed with a text area at the bottom of the page. Enter the text you want to hear and click the play button to hear how it sounds.


After you’ve added audio to the slides, a Save pop-up will be displayed if you navigate away from this page. Once you’ve saved the changes, the audio file will be generated. A Share option is displayed at the bottom of each presentation, which you can click to copy the link for the presentation, or copy the embed code to use on your website or blog.


At the top of the page, you will find play, edit audio, settings and revisions options. The audio can always be edited and settings allow you to make the presentation public or private.


HelloSlide is free and an easy-to-use web application, which can be quite helpful for both students and teachers alike. HelloSlide can be great for educational purposes, so visit the link below and try it out for yourself.

Visit HelloSlide

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