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How To Convert A PDF File To Microsoft Word Document Easily

Recently I wanted to convert my PDF documents into Microsoft Word(DOC) format, so that it can be shared easily with my family and friends who are more familiar with MS Word.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a powerful software that lets you view, edit and create PDF files, but the it lacks the most important function of converting the PDF document to other file formats. This is where Koolwire comes in that lets you do the conversion without any hassle. The best thing about this tool is that there is no need to download any software to your desktop. In this post I will teach you how to convert your PDF file into DOC and other formats, the easy way.

Koolwire is a web service that allows you to upload a PDF file or send it via email as an attachment, and it will automatically convert it to RTF(DOC) format for you, and will email the converted document back to you.

To start the conversion, visit this website, you’ll see three boxes as shown in above pic, Upload your file from the desired location in first box, choose the file format in the second one (RTF is the Word file format), and fill in the third box with your email address and hit the START button. When the conversion is done, usually it doesn’t take too long, you’ll be reminded with an email notification that your file has been converted successfully.

Open the email notification, here you’ll see the actual link to download the converted file. Click the link to open the page where the actual file is placed.

Now you’ll see a new page has opened up with an actual download link as shown in pic below, hit ‘START’ and download  your file.

The converted document will be larger as compared to the PDF one because PDF is a compressed file format. This website gives you an accurate conversion with images and text always perfectly aligned. I always convert my PDF files with this website and they all come out just fine.

Note: Koolwire has been discontinued. However, you can check out PDFonline and PDFtoWord web services to convert your PDF documents into Word format.

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