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How To Create A Free iPhone Application For Your Blog With AppLoop

Do you own a blog? Do you want to create an iPhone application for your blog where users can read your latest post without needing to open their web browser? If yes, then AppLoop does exactly that. You just need to create an account, answer few questions, choose your logo and then choose the price at which you want to make it available. After all is done, they will create your application and send it to Apple for approval. Once approved, your application will be live and everyone with an iPhone can download your application and become and regular reader of your blog.

Not only this, your application will also include some various basic features, including saving your favorite post, sharing post with friends via, Email, Facebook or Twitter. You also get the ability to cache the posts, so that it can be saved for offline view(comes handy when an iPhone is in cellular dead zone).

Creating your application via AapLoop is fairly easy, the first step is to Register for an account.

apploop registration

After you are done with the Registration, it will ask you for an Account type as shown in the screenshot below.

apploop account type Click on Developer, and it will take you to the Overview page of your account.

apploop mainpage

Now select Create a New Application, and in the next window select AppGenerator. Now enter your Blog address, your email address and finally select the number of RSS subscribers of your blog.

apploop application generator

Since, this feature is limited to only a few partners, therefore you will have to wait in the waiting list and you will receive the invite once it is ready.

The invites they will send out will probably depend on the number of RSS subscribers your blog has, if you have more than 50,000 feed readers, there is a chance that you might get an invite soon compared to the one having only 5,000 feed readers.

You can check out the demo video of the application below,

Visit AppLoop Website (Service discontinued)

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  • AppLoop: “We are no longer in business. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

  • why not i really need this 🙁

  • Hey, I just want to clarify some things regarding this info. My friend asks me about this and I don’t know you have this posted. I want to ask if this appLoop could be fine for Blackberries? Mostly of the user asks me about it, but I don’t know if it existed. What do you think about it?

  • Wow, this is great information and very helpfull for me, thanks for the blog.