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How To Create An Avatar From YouTube Video Online

Recently a lot of services are popping up that lets user create an avatar from their own photos. But have you ever thought about making an avatar from a YouTube video?

While playing with Alpoy, I discovered that it can create an avatar(both static and animated) from YouTube videos. There are 3 simple steps, Collect, Design, and Manage. To begin, first click Collect tab, then select the source(YouTube), finally enter the URL of your favorite video and hit Load. You can also select the avatar from the list of pre-defined sizes or add a custom size.

alpoy create avatar from youtube video

Next to the Load button, there is an option to Mute Volume, Play/Pause video, and a Slider which you can use to directly jump to any point of the video. Once you have selected the part of the video that you want to make as avatar, click Crop. In the next step choose to save and/or download the avatar.

save and download avatar

You can save multiple avatars and they will be added to your slots. Since this service is free, the maximum avatars you can save is 30. Which makes sense, since you can delete them afterwards when you have created an animated avatar.

saving avatars

Once, you have collected all avatars, you can now make an animated avatar out of them. Go to Design tab and from the Choose Activity menu, select Animate. Now drag and drop all avatars to the timeline box.

create animated avatar

Once you have added the avatars and selected their delay seconds, click Animate. When it has finished processing, you will see the preview on the right side of the screen. To download this animated avatar in GIF format, click Download GIF.

Note: Don’t forget to add .gif extension at the end of the name when saving animated avatar.

download animated avatar in GIF format

It requires free registration so that it can save all avatars in your account. In case you are wondering how the final result of animation looks like, click here. Enjoy!


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