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How To Delete Spam Emails By Filtering Them Instantly From Your Gmail Inbox

If you are using Gmail and receive a lot of spam emails, you can filter them out easily. One way to mark emails as spam is to click Mark As Spam Button, but what if there are hundreds of spam emails and you want to delete them all instead of marking them as spam only. You can use the Gmail build-in filter tool to delete and block all such spam emails within seconds.

Go to Settings > Filter tab and click Create A New Filter.

Filter emails

Here enter the email address of the sender who is sending you the spam emails and click Next Step. You can leave all other boxes blank, it doesn’t matter.

In the next step check the Delete It checkbox and click Create Filter. This will delete all emails coming from the spammer.

Choose action of filter You can also use filter for other purposes, such as forwarding an email, mark it as read, etc. Enjoy!


  1. Deleting them will not train Gmail’s spam filters to get better. Unfortunately, there is no option in the filters to let you MOVE the email to the spam folder, which is how you mark it as spam. Deleting it right away doesn’t let Gmail know that it is spam. So this is only a temporary fix, because what if the sender uses a new email address? Then you’d have to keep creating filters.

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