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How To Upload A File To Multiple File Hosts At Once For Free

Looking for a way to upload a file to multiple file hosting providers at once? We all know how hard and time wasting it is to upload the same file on multiple files hosts one by one. Gazup is a free online service that lets you upload any type of file to nine different file hosts at once. These file hosts include, RapidShare, MegaUpload, FileFactory, MediaFire, zShare, NetLoad, UploadBox, Badongo, etc. This is how it works, you upload a file to Gazup server, it then mirrors the files to multiple file hosts, and finally shows you a unique download page.

gazup logo

To begin, first choose the file hosts and then upload the file. The maximum size of file that you can upload will depend on the file hosts you have selected.

choose file hosts

You will have to select whether the file is adult content or not. If you have the file at some remote location, you can still upload it to Gazup using Remote Upload.

file upload with gazup

Once your file has been uploaded, you will be shown links to download the file from different file hosts. You can now share this file with your friends, post it on forums, etc. Registration is not required at all, but if you register then you get benefits, such as, private control panel and ability to manage your uploaded files. Enjoy!

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