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Integrate Google Search In Chrome With Inline Google

We all know how great a browser Google Chrome is. We also know that Chrome’s address bar also doubles as a search bar for looking things up on Google. But what if you’re browsing intensely and want to search Google for something? Enter the keywords in the search bar and the results will show up, but you will navigate away from the page you were on. Opening up a new tab, searching for a keyword, and closing the tab can also be difficult if there are multiple tabs open( lets say more than 20).

Chrome’s extensions add diverse functionality, and the one in focus answers this question. Inline Google lets a user search Google for web pages, images, news and videos right from within the browser, no matter what web page you are on.


With the extension installed, it will place a ‘G’ icon next to the address bar. You can type in the search query and the results will be shown in a pop-up box, as shown in the screenshot above.

The extension uses Google’s search API but is not from Google itself.

Inline Google Extension (Google Chrome Only)

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