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iWeb2x Browser Extension Saves Web Pages As Printable PDFs Or Images

Many websites have a printable view or print option for their articles but not all do and if you are a regular reader of sites that don’t have an easy-to-print view for their articles iWeb2x is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that can help you save articles as either PDF files or images.

iWeb2xiWeb2x save as images

Once installed the extension adds an icon next to the URL bar in both Firefox and Chrome. For Firefox, you’ll have to drag it to the navigation bar by going to the toolbar customize menu. In Firefox, clicking the icon opens a small window inside the browser that lets you choose which format you want to save the page as. In Chrome, clicking the icon opens the same options as a pop-up.

iWeb2x chrome

You can choose the size of the page and it’s orientation when saving as a PDF. You can choose to exclude images, remove the background or save it in Gray Scale. Once you’ve selected your preferences, click the Save As PDF button and the extension will convert the file. Click on Download PDF when it appears and your file will be downloaded. To save web pages as images, select the Image tab, choose the image format and resolution and click Save As Image. Click Download Image when it appears.

Install iWeb2x Extension For Firefox

Install iWeb2x Extension For Chrome

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