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Link Finder: Navigate Links On A Website Using Keyboard [Chrome]

Link Finder, a Chrome extension, allows fast, mouse-free navigation for links and provides alternatives to actions that are traditionally performed via the mouse, such as clicking, scrolling and more. Link Finder can be specially useful if you are familiar with links on a website, or are using a notebook/netbook. The extension provides you with a simple way to navigate websites that have loads of textual hyperlinks. All you have to do is hit the apostrophe (‘) button and type the text of a link that you wish to find or follow, and simply press Enter to go the particular link, or hit Esc to abort the process. Additionally, you can change the Search Delay and Finder timeout options from Settings. You can also set shortcuts for various actions, such as toggle find box, close find box and more. This extension can especially come in handy for users who don’t have a mouse and only have access to a keyboard.

After you’ve installed the extension, simply hit the apostrophe button and type your query to quickly find links on a webpage. The extension has an instant search feature that displays results as you type which saves you from having to typing out the entire name of the link. It gives you auto-complete options so even if you don’t remember the entire text of a link, knowing just a part of it will be enough. As you type, the links are highlighted on the web page. Select the link from the auto-fill options and hit enter to open it.

link finder

The Link Finder Options allow you set a time for the Search Delay option, which is the delay between a key press in the search box and the beginning of the search itself. A lower number means a faster response, whereas a higher one is to avoid continual updates of the results. The Finder timeout option is the time after which the finder box closes when the last key press has occurred. You can set this to zero to easily disable automatic closing. The Key bindings option lets you set keyboard shortcuts for various actions, such as Close find box, Select previous link, Select next link and more.

Link Finder options

Please note that upon installation, Link Finder will not have any effect on loaded pages until they are refreshed. The extension gives you fast search capabilities with fewer mouse clicks and makes navigation extremely simple. You can grab it from the Chrome Web Store link below.

Install Link Finder For Google Chrome

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