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LinkPush – Chrome2Phone Alternative For Android 2.1 Users

LinkPush is a fairly ordinary browser extension, which does nothing more than pushing links from your browser (any browser, even Internet Explorer) to your Android phone. There’s already a widely popular extension called Chrome2Phone that does that but if you’re one of those people still on Android OS 2.1, then you might know Chrome2Phone doesn’t work for you and that’s where LinkPush comes in. The extension is used in conjunction with the Android app and effectively pushes links to your phone.

linkpush chrome

The extension adds a small Android Robot icon next to the URL bar in Chrome and on the Add-on bar in Firefox. The first time you use the extension it will require permission to connect using your Gmail account. You will have to install the free Android app to receive and open links on your device.

linkpush sent

To send a link to your phone, simply click the icon in your browser. When you send multiple links, the app queues them in the reverse order they were sent in. Each time you launch the app on your phone, it opens the link in its queue. Extensions are available for Firefox and Chrome, for other browsers, a bookmarklet is available on the developer’s site.

Install LInkPush Extension For Chrome

Install LInkPush Extension For Firefox

Install LinkPush Android App

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