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Listen & Download Mp3 Songs For Free

Mp3Search is a newly launched service that has a large database of songs. You can listen and download to any song you want. What it is does is quite simple, it searches for songs in mp3 format in various popular file sharing servers, if it finds any then it will return the result along with two options – Listen or Download.

MP3 Search

For listening it has a build-in player with an option to embed it as well. When you click download, it will directly download from the server where it found the song.

mp3 search results

Overall, it is quite a simple tool with a basic search interface. The developer needs to first think of a unique name with a proper domain name, otherwise it is difficult to grow. The only way to keep checking this service again is to bookmark the site.

Note: We at AddictiveTips are not affiliated with this site. We do not support piracy and have posted this with education intent. This site does not host any of the music, they are all indexed.


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  • i think mp3raid.com is more useful than this mp3searchmusic.com stuff.
    i don’t know if you already have a post about mp3raid.com because i just recently known your site 2 weeks ago and i’m still browsing every post you have here.

    by the way, thanks to you, AddictiveTips.com
    my knowledge is now increased. Thank you so much!

  • Ferran G.

    Beemp3 and Mp3raid seemed more useful than this site, Mp3searchmusic still lacks a bunch of music!