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Manage Cookies Individually And Set Site Permissions In Firefox

Cookies, whether the chocolate chip kind or the browser ones, sharing them isn’t something some people take lightly. When you’re visiting popular and well trusted sites, you don’t think twice about the cookies but not all sites are meant to be trusted even if they are useful. CookieFast is an easy way of managing your cookies in Firefox. The extension tells you what permissions you have set for a particular site, lets you mark sites as safe or unsafe for storing cookies and lets you disable or enable accepting cookies from third parties.


The extension adds an icon next to the URL bar which changes color to indicate the status of cookies with a site. When you visit a site that you’ve blocked cookies for, the icon turns red, it turns green for sites that you’ve explicitly allowed to save cookies and for sites that are neither restricted nor allowed, the icon turns grey. The extension allows you to add websites to a safe list, it allows you to either accept or restrict third party cookies, you can remove cookies for a particular site and remove cookie restrictions for a site.

Install CookieFast For Firefox

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