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MeetingWords Is Alternative To Etherpad Text Editor

Google Docs have become widely popular when it comes to cloud-based, collaborative working. The service brings amazing value at the cost of nothing, since its free. Multiple users can also work on the same documents, again a plus point. All this being said, what if all you need is a service to effectively collaborate with your colleagues on a document, and nothing else. What if your requirement is just of a simple plain text editor that can work for multiple users.

Enter MeetingWords. This service is exactly what I described above, text editor for web. It saves changes as they are made, and multiple users can work at the same time, with everyone’s changes being reflected instantly to all others. Furthermore, every writer’s contributions are marked with their individual color codes, making it even simpler to identify who did what.


The service doesn’t require any kind of signup or login. Just create a public pad and make a note of the URL. For all others who are to work on that project, just give them the same URL and they will be able to access the same pad as you.

Other than editing options, four buttons on top allow access to options, import/export, saved revisions of the document and time slider, which shows changes as they have occurred. You can also share the pad with others via the share button, enter your author name and pick a color for yourself. Text formatting options available are very basic but would suffice casual users.

MeetingWords is an excellent service if you want to get some work done, share ideas, homework, meeting minutes etc on the fly. With tracking options for the changes made, you can also be sure that no unwanted users alter the document in any way. And if all for nothing, you can always restore to the older revisions.

Etherpad was a great service and after being acquired by Google, it disappointed many users by shutting down. If you are one of those users who got effected by it, then MeetingWords is for you.

MeetingWords Website

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