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Milewise – Find Economical Flights And Pay By Cash, Miles Or Points

Airfares have definitely shot through the sky in the past years, with rising fuel costs and the fact that there is still a limit to the number of seats you can cram into coach, even bring-your-own-lunch airline Southwest had to raise fares and that means before anyone so much as considers air travel, they will first embark on ‘the quest to find the cheapest available flight’. Additionally, you will also want to explore all the different ways that you can pay the fare i.e. cash, per mile or with any points you’ve accumulated with a rewards program. Milewise is a free web service that lets you search for an economical flight between any two destinations. The service filters options based on how you want to pay, the number of stops a flight makes and departure time and suggests the cheapest flight for you.


Sign up to the service to get started. Milewise searches flights based on airport codes. If you don’t know the code of your city airport, type in you city’s name and a list of all airports, that the service recognizes, and their codes will appear in a dropdown.

MileWise airports

Once you’ve picked an airport, enter a departure and return date. By leaving the return date blank, you can search for one way flights.Enter the number of people you need to book seats for, select which class you want to travel and hit Search.

MileWise reward programs

You can also add a reward program that you have might have joined and the service will tell you if you can pay for a flight through it. To add a program click Add your first program on the dashboard and proceed to login to your reward program. The service saves all your flight searches and you can revisit any of them from the dashboard.

MileWise filters

You can select the number of stops a flight makes and set a departure time slot for the flight search from the filters on the right hand panel. The service searches non-stop flights and flights with up to 2 stops. By unchecking the respective boxes, you can search for non stop flights. To define a time frame for flight departure and arrival, move the knobs on the Depart Time slider.

MileWise payment  filter

You can also filter flights based on how you want to pay from the Ways to Pay filter. By unchecking an option, the respective flights are filtered out.


The service only searches for scheduled flights and does not check for seat availability. Number of travellers are needed to calculate the cost of the trip and it is up to you to check if a seat is available on the suggested flight.

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