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Multi-Process Coming Soon To Firefox (Electrolysis Project)

If you are frequent Firefox user then you might have encountered various crash problems. There could be many causes for Firefox crash, like issues with a plugin, unresponsive page, etc. You might have noticed that when it crashes, all the tabs and windows gets crashed too regardless of the fact that problem is with only one tab or window.

This problem has been fixed in IE8 and Google Chrome already because they use a separate process for each tab or window. Firefox is currently working to do the same, so that when any tab or window crashes the associated process should be restarted only, in this way other tabs will not be effected at all. This will make Firefox more reliable and stable than before, Mozilla has codenamed it as Electrolysis project . The release of this feature is expected sometime in mid of July. In the meantime you can watch the short demonstration of the early version where they show a page gone wrong and is terminated and restarted immediately.


Let us know what you think about it. Enjoy!

via downloadsquad

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