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Recover Text/Form In Firefox When Browser Crashes With Lazarus Add-on

So you were filling a web form and the Firefox browser crashes immediately, you restart the browser but only see a blank form. In other words, all your hard work is lost. So how would you recover all the text that you wrote in the last few minutes? Thanks to Lazarus, a Firefox add-on now you can recover all the lost text instantly.

Once installed, it will save all text that you enter in a form or basically anywhere. It encrypts the text before saving, thus making sure that it is securely saved in the database. You can also disable it for certain websites, to do so, right-click it’s icon in the status bar and select ‘Disable Lazarus for this site’.

lazarus recover text form browser

If you have lots of saved text, you can use the Search Lazarus option to search for a specific text. In Options you will find options such as, delete all saved text, save passwords, remove text after a predefined time, and much more.

To recover any text or form, simply right-click the blank area and select the desired option as shown in the screenshot below.

recover text or form after browser crash

Above screenshot is taken from developer’s website

It is quite a must-have addon for every Firefox users, since a browser can always crash during an unexpected time.

Download Lazarus Add-on For Firefox



  1. I have the same problem as David!

    Any solution to regain lost form data without yet having installed a web form recovery tool / plugin such as Lazarus?
    I keep my web browser (Chrome) running to have the potential chance of accessing RAM data, if there is any. Or do you know of any (temporary) disk written form data?

  2. Hi,

    Do you have any idea how to recover without Lazarus?

    I have Firefox on mac. Have just installed Lazarus after I lost my form. Havn’t rebooted yet cuz i might my chance to recover my dipping into the RAM memory or something.

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