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Reference App: Generate References In Harvard Style From Any Webpage [Chrome]

Writing research papers requires a lot of effort and time, but once you’re done with the paper, referencing all your sources can be a real pain. Reference App is a handy Chrome extension that lets you to generate references in the Harvard style without leaving your current webpage. This extension works on any website and makes it simple to develop references to include in your research papers or assignments. With it, you no longer have to manually type and format references from various sources. Just enter the details, such as Author, Book Title, Year of publication, Place of publication, Publisher, Edition and Pages. Reference App will instantly create references for you with the exact punctuation and formatting. However, users should note that a single reference can be created at a time.

You will find three basic categories when you click the button in the toolbar, viz Book, Journal and Web. References can be created for all of these categories by simply entering the details. Once you’ve entered the details, click Create, and the reference will be displayed at the bottom of the pop-up, which you can then copy by highlighting the text or just click Copy.


The Web category works similarly; enter the Author, Article title, Year of publication and click Grab to add the URL of the current page. As you click Grab, the URL will automatically be added to the field.


The extension is not context sensitive; it does not detect what kind of content is open in the browser tab i.e. is it a book or Journal. Users have to select the relevant tab themselves and enter information manually. The extension only ensures that the final layout is correct and that no information is missing.

Reference App has some good and some not so good features. In the Web tab, it automatically grabs the URL but does not grab the title. When a user clicks outside the panel to copy the title and clicks the extension button again, all previously entered information is wiped clean. The good part is that it makes sure you won’t miss an important reference field no matter what you are writing the reference for.

Reference App is a useful extension for both students and researchers alike. It lets you save a lot of time, and makes writing papers much easier. Visit the link below, try it and let us know what you think.

Install Reference App For Google Chrome

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