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Send Free SMS To India, UK, Germany, And Other Countries

Note: My-cool-sms is no longer free and I have updated the link with a newer site called SeaSMS.

Do you want to send unlimited SMS(Short Messaging Service) to India, UK, Germany, Norway, Poland, Ireland, Estonia, Austria, Czech Republic, Taiwan for free? It seems impossible at first, but you can actually send free SMS using my-cool-sms , SeaSMS service.


There are many similar services out there which promise free SMS service, but they never work. I thought the same when I tried this service out, but to my surprise it worked very well. I send an SMS to my cousin in UK, and he received it within seconds. This service will save enormous mobile bills. I am using it to send more SMS than ever, and truly enjoying it.

To send an SMS simply visit their website. Select the country from the list of 10 countries and enter the receiver’s mobile number. Now enter your message(should be no more than 160 characters) and click Submit.

my-cool-sms main

In the next step, enter your phone number which will be displayed as a sender in your SMS. You can leave this blank too, for it is not compulsory. Next enter the verification code and click Submit.

my-cool-sms main 2

Now you SMS has been send. You can write your name at the end of the SMS to let the receiver know that it is you. In this way he can reply to your original number, and you can send him another SMS using this online service. Enjoy!

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  • Thanks! More are coming. Keep Tuned…

    • abhay

      plz tell me…i wanna register 2 sending msg out of india……wat should i do….???

  • Marcin

    Awesome! I really love the ui behaviour of that http://www.my-cool-sms.com – everything is so smooth. All my smses arrived. Thanks for the tip.

  • Rahul

    Thanks for the post Nakodari.

    I am glad that you took time to share this with us, I used the service and it works fine for me too.

    I was wondering why they are offering free service but it is not hard to realize that they are expecting us to click on Google Ads to generate the revenue. It doen’t hurt me to click those ads as long as i get free SMS 🙂

  • Marcin

    Hey Rahul! I agree.

    I found this text on their home page: “The public website is a test. Anyone can use it. If the ad revenues will cover our expenses we will keep it public and maintain it.”

    No problem. I can click them 🙂

  • @Rahul and Marcin

    I think it is better to click on those ads that are useful, if you click on all the ads all the time, Google will track your IP address and mark it as Spam. Just wanted to give you guys some warning. 😉

  • Hi, i tried to visit their website. It’s not for free. They required you to pay. What do you mean when you said “For free”?

    • They have finished the free version and is no longer free. I have updated the post accordingly.

  • Goncha

    Thanks, nice post and a great site – seasms 🙂
    They also allow to send free mms 🙂

  • This service is no more free..tell me aother if u know.

  • kevin

    i didn find d free sms wher s iT?

  • free sms ?? ha-ha

  • nishu

    SeaSMS.com Rocks!!! Thnx

  • Red

    Send Free SMS Anywhere in India. Register and Logon to http://www.ixsms.com .

  • bathmateus

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  • mohitromio

    way2sms.com is very nice sms site.

  • Matt

    Great site, you may want to try http://www.textyourbuddy.com as well.

  • april month is still runing.

  • Actually I was looking for the site which helps me 2 send free sms to abroad , but I could nt find such sites.

  • Mahesh

    its very good

  • ROn

    Try easyuganda.net .. it is awesome .. It sends to all networks worldwide. 120 characters.. No registration, No country Block , if you are sending like to uk (44) 079999999 u can send to .. 4479999999 or 004479999999 share with a friend if it works for ., u .

  • Nomi

    its good

  • Anthony

    I’ve came across free SMS services from time to time, but most of them either don’t work for me or the free service is only applicable to specific region only. http://www.gysms.com , on the other end here, works just fine! And I have to tell you, it’s really hard to find a free online SMS sending services nowadays.

    This free SMS sending services requires you to sign up, and activate the account with your cell phone. I’ve tested and my friends received them. The only drawbacks is the fact that every messages come attached with a line of advertisement. Well, for something free I wouldn’t complain too much.

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