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Send Free SMS To India, UK, Germany, And Other Countries

Note: My-cool-sms is no longer free and I have updated the link with a newer site called SeaSMS.

Do you want to send unlimited SMS(Short Messaging Service) to India, UK, Germany, Norway, Poland, Ireland, Estonia, Austria, Czech Republic, Taiwan for free? It seems impossible at first, but you can actually send free SMS using my-cool-sms , SeaSMS service.


There are many similar services out there which promise free SMS service, but they never work. I thought the same when I tried this service out, but to my surprise it worked very well. I send an SMS to my cousin in UK, and he received it within seconds. This service will save enormous mobile bills. I am using it to send more SMS than ever, and truly enjoying it.

To send an SMS simply visit their website. Select the country from the list of 10 countries and enter the receiver’s mobile number. Now enter your message(should be no more than 160 characters) and click Submit.

my-cool-sms main

In the next step, enter your phone number which will be displayed as a sender in your SMS. You can leave this blank too, for it is not compulsory. Next enter the verification code and click Submit.

my-cool-sms main 2

Now you SMS has been send. You can write your name at the end of the SMS to let the receiver know that it is you. In this way he can reply to your original number, and you can send him another SMS using this online service. Enjoy!

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