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Send Heavy Files To Your Twitter Friends With FileTweet

Many a times people do not know the email addresses of all of their Twitter followers. This makes it difficult to interact with them on a more personal level. For example, some Twitter followers may simply  be interested in the content that is tweeted by an individual, instead of having any personal relationship or acquaintance with him/her. Twitter itself does not provide a default option to send files via Twitter. FileTweet is an Adobe Air based desktop application that allows users to send files (up to 2 GB) by entering a Twitter username or email address. It is much like SendGenie which we reviewed earlier. However, unlike SendGenie, it is a cross platform application and works with Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. All files are saved to the FileTweet server and are accessible via a given URL, which is emailed to the specified email address or to the registered email address of the Twitter user (if the mail is sent by entering the Twitter username).

To get started, click Sign in with Twitter. This will open a webpage in your default browser, from where you will have to sign in and grant authorization to the Filetweet application to your Twitter account.

Sign in

After logging in simply enter a Twitter username or an email address, drag and drop the file(s) to the Filetweet interface, type a message (optional) and click Send My File. Users can send file as heavy as 2GB in a single instance.

Drag file

The recipient will receive an email with a URL, from where the file can be downloaded. If a file is sent via a Twitter username, the email is sent to the default email address that the user registered for his/her Twitter account. This make it possible to send files to Twitter followers, without the need of knowing their email address. For example, many people follow Addictive Tips authors on their Twitter accounts as we regularly tweet our articles, however, we do not know the email addresses of all our followers. Using services like FileTweet makes it possible to send information in such scenarios to Twitter acquaintances without having to ask each individual for their personal email address.

File Received

The recipients of the file do not require authorizing Filetweet to their Twitter accounts and can easily download the file(s) from the URL. It is worth mentioning here that since all files can be downloaded by anyone with access to the URL, so make sure that the URL is only sent to relevant people and in case the files contain confidential data, ask the recipient to avoid sharing the link.

Download file

Being a cross platform desktop application, it works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac and Linux based operating systems.

Download Filetweet

Update: The FileTweet web service has been discontinued and therefore the desktop apps do not work any more.

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