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Timekiwi Creates A Beautiful Timeline Of Your Social Media & RSS Feeds

Timelines, although hated deeply by general Facebook users aren’t a new concept and, other than on Facebook, they are a rather popular way of comprehensively displaying information.  One of the many reasons behind their popularity is that timelines present a graphical way of aggregating information which is often too much for the average user to compile on their own. timekiwi is a web service that lets you create an aesthetically-pleasing timeline of posts and events in your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Foursquare etc. It basically pulls data from multiple social networks and blogging platforms and displays the info combined in one place. With timekiwi, you can create a beautiful timeline of your Twitter feed and other blogs. timekiwi enables you to see your life and work from a different perspective and with better insight.

To start using the web service, sign in with either your Twitter or Facebook account. Whichever account you sign in with, timekiwi will display feeds from it. Feeds are displayed in a vertical timeline. At the top right is a Customize button that appears when you move your mouse over the corner. At the bottom left are two menus; Connect and Share and one button Rotate. To add accounts, click the Connect option and add your accounts. You will have to authorize the app to connect with each one separately.

The Rotate option simply changes the orientation of the timeline from that of a vertical one to a horizontal one. The Customize option lets you change the background for your timeline and to edit your name and description. Once you’ve customized the timeline to your liking, you can share it with friends using the Share option.

Timewiki is useful if you want to share your social network activity with someone but without overwhelming them. You can also explore accounts of other users using the Explore option on the home page of the service. At present, the service is a bit glitchy and takes a little time to successfully pull all items from different accounts and even longer to fetch items that are more than three months old. Hopefully, it will improve.

Posts from multiple social networks are displayed in a chronological order, You can Print, Mail or Share the post on any social network. timekiwi is a user-friendly web app that allows you to preserve your work and photos in a creative and meaningful way. It’s completely free and can be found at the link below.

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