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Tip For Mavericks: How To Use IP Address To Find Out Where You Live

The first thing you are going to wonder is why I wrote Maverick in the title? Some are going to laugh and some are going to take it seriously. I regularly check what my readers are searching for before coming to my blog. And surprisingly “How to use IP to find where you live” was one of the question many people were looking an answer for.

I wondered who will type such a question in Google? Even the dumbest person in the World knows where he is living. Then something else stuck my mind, suppose you get kidnapped or get lost somewhere in a crazy way(don’t know which one), you will surely want to know where the heck are you? So maybe someone typed this question because he could be in this exact situation.

But to know he needs a computer and a internet connection, maybe he searched using his Kidnapper’s laptop (Yeah I am thinking crazy at the moment).

Why not help someone in such a situation? Here is the most easiest way to know where the heck you really are along with sweet Google map, which will give you a clear view.

Simply visit IP Address locator and you will automatically find your computer’s IP Address along with the location.

Note: IP address is an address provided by the ISP(Internet Service Provider) for your Computer, just like you have a Home Address.

But what has this to do with the adding of “Maverick” in the Post title after all. Well here is your answer, McCain is a so-called Maverick, and maybe who know he might as well wanted to find out in which city he crashed his plane during Vietnam war? Someone else could be in such a dire situation and needs a little helping hand this time. So why not help him?

Note: This post has nothing to do with US Presidential Elections, I wrote this post for purely fun purpose because I was getting bored. Btw McCain would never search a question like this because he is Computer illiterate, let alone Internet.

And yeah..I forgot to drink Coffee this morning, so sorry for my bad English.

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