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Top 5 Kickass Online Video Editing Tools

There are plenty of websites that allow users to edit videos online within their browsers without the need to install a specific software. These video editing sites are generally characterized by a great ease of use, which makes it a breeze to do both basic and advanced editing. Most of these websites allow users to publish their edited videos on any web page, embedded in a video player. In this post I have collected for you the best, most popular and useful sites that allow users to edit videos online.


Whether you’re familiar with other video editing tools or not, you’ll find Jumpcut‘s online editor very easy to use and full of all the features you need. They’ve built their video editor for the beginner’s with guidance from the professionals. You can easily add and arrange content in your movie by dragging and dropping thumbnails, select the best parts of your video clips, change duration for your images, add your music or sound effects, choose transitions, add titles, cool effects and you don’t need to download anything, it’s all online.


One True Media

One True Media is primarily about creating montages by splicing your uploaded video clips. When you create a video montage with the free version of One True Media, you get the option of having the work’s title display at the beginning. By default, the video editor supports multiple files, uploading was fast compared with the other services. To make cuts, you click clip this video and you get a screen showing a frame for each second of the video, each of which can be designated as the new start or end of the clip. There are six free transitions—random, dissolve, reveal, push, and fade through black or white. I found One True Media to be one of the more capable and well-working web services. You can do quite a lot without spending any money on the Premium version.  one true


Eyespot is a great online video editing and mixing website, which makes it easy to upload, organize, share videos with your friends. Great thing about Eyespot is it allows you to apply special effects, transitions and even audio dubbing to your videos. The videos can also be send to your mobile phone via MMS. It also lets you embed videos to any webpage. Max video upload limit is at 100mb which is enough for a 20 minute video.



Photobucket enables video editing within a browser using Flash and lets users remix their photos and home videos with other elements, such as music, video captions, and transitions. Photobucket also provides a simple service that enables you to store, share and publish your visual digital content online. Images and videos can be directly linked from Photobucket to any site.



Motionbox’s tagline is “Personal video sharing made easy,” and the implication is that it’s more like a Yahoo! Photos(Flickr) or Picasa Online for videos — a way to make your videos available to friends and loved ones without sending huge files. During uploading, it displays a progress bar for each individual file as well as for the overall upload status. Unlike some other online video editing services, Motionbox is not about mixing still pictures with video and sound, so there’s no uploading photos or audio. It is a nice looking service, but it just doesn’t do very much. A few special effects—even just transitions and loops—would make it more appealing.

Update: This web service has been discontinued.


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