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Top 5 New Kickass Torrent Search Engines

Searching for torrents can be a little tricky, after all Google wasn’t made as a torrent search engine. This is where torrent search engines comes handy, which makes finding simple and easy.

We decided to compile a list of Top 5 new torrent search engines, its the beginning of September 2008 we bring you some new players in this field (except Torrentz which is 5 years old).  The list includes only public websites, which allows you to search for torrents without registration or ratio requirements.

Note: These search engines do not host the torrents on their servers.


Usniff is a new real-time search engine that lets you search on 8 different torrent websites (The Pirate Bay, mininova, etc.) simultaneously. Its features include searching for torrents on 8 popular torrent sites simultaneously, filter search results by keyword, size, seeds, peers, and source. Adding Usniff torrent search in Firefox search bar makes searching more easy.


NowTorrents is a great torrent search engine that only shows real-time search results unlike some other sites. It has great, clear, and easy to read layout, fast results and support for Firefox and IE-7 plugins. NowTorrents makes torrent findable and is extremely easy finding the right torrents. Another neat feature is that NowTorrents is able to detect and remove fake/dead torrents.


Pizzatorrent is a name to be remembered. Other than that it’s got features similar to YouTorrent. There’s the standard search bar in which you type your query. Results are ordered by type, i.e. movies, music, TV shows, and other. The top ranked torrents are displayed at the top of the list. Information includes date, size, seeds, peers, and the engine from which they’ve been pulled. PizzaTorrent scans Mininova, PirateBay, Vuze, SumoTorrent, IsoHunt and NewTorrents among others.


If you appreciate the ease of use and quick facility of search engines you’ll love YouTorrent. It is the first legal torrent search-engine. Typing in a keyword will pull date, size, seeds, peers and engine for each torrent, results can be ordered according to your preferences. YouTorrent grabs only legal torrents from Mininova, The Pirate Bay, SumoTorrent, Monova, and Vuze among others. New features are coming up, these include Boolean searches, advanced search, more engine selections, and a Firefox plugin.


Torrentz.com is similar to any other torrent search engine that does not actually store torrents but give you a radical search by its indexing servers. The function of this search engine that stands out from the rest is that it not only search torrents but also it searches within every torrent for possible matches. And the indexed torrents are only those that have atlease 1 active seed which makes it one of the most reliable search engines for finding active torrents. (This site is 5 years old through)

Start searching now, you will find almost everything on the internet using these search engines. If you think we missed any new search engine, let us know in the comments.

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  • Apocrypha

    I’d probably place ScrapeTorrent on there as well.

  • Thanks for letting me know about scraptorrent

  • Thats a very nice list. I dont use Torrents but I think after reading this I will give them a try 🙂

  • Dont forget the all so useful thepiratebay.org

  • Read the heading again, it is about new search engine websites, not old ones. thepiratebay.org is one of the first torrent search engine, so everyone knows about it.

    The sites listed above are those which are new and majority of the people don’t already know.

  • Great list! Thanks alot!

  • thanks for posting this!

  • I’d give a nod for ScrapeTorrent too! Thanks for this comp.

  • john

    http://www.nowtorrents.com is by far the best!

    should be at the top!

  • amazing list i like torrentz

  • Check out http://gpirate.com
    it is way better than nowtorrent and torrentz

  • luke

    Hey, gpirate looks really cool

  • Great torrent list here. A few good ones are missing, but these are probably only for some really new ones or something.

  • joe

    Hey, gpirate looks really awesome

  • joe

    http://gpirate.com/ is by far the best

  • Great post , pizzTorrent looks great

  • usniff is the best as per my experience

  • sqeet
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  • I’m a huge fan of pizza torrent. It’s great. These other ones are also the bomb!

  • Travis

    The best one that I have come across is bytorrent. Bytorrent has MANY different search engines within it.


  • vinamra

    all the torrents sites listed here have been of great help
    thank you all

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  • andrew

    check out torrentsaregood.com, torrent site search engine, hundreds of new torrent files, forum, streaming video search engine

  • Thanks for the list! Though I enjoy using Torrent Moon Search because it has no ads.

  • Jumbo

    I use http://www.witorrent.com, very nice search engine, it get instantly update from other sites.

  • You should try Bitgle (www.bitgle.com)
    It’s really nice!


  • nikko

    wow, witorrent.com is really nice, thanks !!

  • Fred

    http://TorrentZEN.com/ is pretty kick ass… It’s another meta engine that searches 18 engines in real time. It’s a lot like Now Torrents and Pizza Torrent (but much better IMHO).

  • Nice list… thanks for sharing great sources…

  • Hello

    wat shuld i use utorrent or sumthing else and i still dont noe how to use utorrent

  • We are a site offering Films, Games, Music and Apps at very high speeds.
    We formed at the start of January and currently have 3500 users, which is pretty good going I think.

    must be worth a look

  • laura

    GPirate is DEF the best!!!
    So much better than the others 🙂

  • laura

    http://www.witorrent.com is one of the best too, very fast and reliable torrent search, realtime search!

  • Shean

    OK, i will go with http://www.witorrent.com too! the best, search on alot sites very fast!
    omg got some torrents with more than 200.000 seeders… witorrent.com is the best for me.

  • alejandro

    You need check out the newly launched Qtorrents .

    Its a nice new way of searching, plus the layout is super clean and fun. This site is easy to navigate and not overrun by ads.

  • Hi
    check this out http://www.torrentsrsq.com, this one has great search and lots of links, being updated every hour. I used it lot of times. Have fun folks.

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  • AmericanAlien

    Have you guys seen hexagon.cc? That is an awesome torrent site, and another site, which I think this site should have mentioned since the name is in it's title is kickasstorrent.com which also has awesomeness.

  • AmericanAlien

    Have you guys seen hexagon.cc? That is an awesome torrent site, and another site, which I think this site should have mentioned since the name is in it's title is kickasstorrent.com which also has awesomeness.

  • AmericanAlien

    Have you guys seen hexagon.cc? That is an awesome torrent site, and another site, which I think this site should have mentioned since the name is in it's title is kickasstorrent.com which also has awesomeness.

  • dave

    Ive been using this one for a while. Its pretty quick. http://www.torrentenginesearch.com

  • Great list provided in the post, and bookmark them and can use to find torrent whenever is needed

  • nadz

    Do you know that http://www.sumotorrent.com, it’s fast and reliable, established since 2007 and still growing? Check out now the lots of New to Verified Files.

  • No Ads
    No Spyware
    No Viruses
    100% fun and amazing

    Qtorrents torrent search

    Find anything you want there.

  • Trackerx is an new torrent with great potential.
    Check it out.


    All you need is here .

  • i am a demonoid user since more than 4 years now..

    one thing i have found out is the number of trackers attached to a torrent..

    if you are talking about speedy downloads of torrents.. you should also mention the number of trackers coz it will give consistency any a higher speed rate if any particular torrent site is busy or down..

    i have used TorrentsLibrary TorrentsWave as the easiest

    you should also the process of adding tracker to your download file and finding them over othr torrent site

  • Tara

    And The Pirate Bay is still better

  • http://www.torrent-track.com – meta search engine like torrentz, with subtitles, screenshots and real-time tracker statistics

  • hussain

    it is a nice ite i like it

  • Mike

    Nice list,however the problem with most of those websites and specially the search engines are lots of ads,pop-ups,fake torrents etc.. I was looking for a torrent search engine that would give me more accurate results with no ads and fake stuff and guess what,my friend found this website http://tsearch.co.cc . Looks like it’s a search engine in a testing stage,but it works great.

  • Paulo Andre

    My Torrent Bitch search engine stopped working. It doesn’t complete the search anymore, keeps on processing indefinitely. No “errors messages”. Does anybody has this problem or know how to fix it?

  • Gabell73

    I have used these before, and they are great. However, the site I use the most is btJunkie.org. It usually has the most seeds available, and as everyone knows the more seeds available the faster the download. If I can’t find what I am looking for at btJunkie.org I usually go to Demonoid. This is another great site, but you have to be invited by another member in order to use the site. Sometimes they offer membership without an invitation. And if all else fails, another good site is kickass. Between the 3 sites I always find what I am looking for.

  • nkchokshi

    Hay i found another good torrent search engine is