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View Full Size Wikipedia Images In The Same Page [Chrome]

Wikipedia is easily one of the most popular sites online and while most people are there for a quick overview of a topic or perhaps just to get them jumpstarted on a paper. Wikipedia isn’t doesn’t just give you the bare details; the community that writes these articles and builds the database add additional media like pictures, graphs, charts, tables etc. wikipedia image preview is a simple but useful extension for Chrome that allows you to view images on Wikipedia in a fast and simple way. Normally, when you click an image, it opens in the current tab with a whole lot of clutter around it, but with this extension, the image blurs the text and is displayed over the same page, without any text or other content around it. The extension instantly pops out the full-size images in a light box preview. In addition to that, the background color for the image can either be set to white or black.wikipedia image preview makes it simpler to view an image data found within Wikipedia’s pages. It’s useful if you aren’t interested in the details or the reference surrounding the picture and only want to see a larger version of it. It allows for a full-size preview of an image, which loads in the same page while fading the background. After you’ve opened an image, click on it again to return to the original page. If you feel you do need to see the additional details for an image, you can click the Original Page link that appears when you mouse over the image.

Automobile - Wikipedia

In addition to that, the background color can either be set to white or black or you can set it to None which means the picture is enlarged on the webpage and the background is not faded out. Simply select an option from the drop-down menu and hit save options. The changes take effect after you refresh the page.

wikipedia image preview options

wikipedia image preview is a nifty little tool, that can be quite useful for people who regularly browse Wikipedia and want to view images in full size without too much navigation. The developer plans on adding an option to allow users to pick what would trigger the larger image to load. Currently you only have to click it. What would make the extension even more useful is if it would load all images on a particular article and you could view them in a slideshow.

Install wikipedia image preview For Chrome

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