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Vimperator: Control Firefox With Keyboard [Add-on]

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers out there with an array of pre-loaded features. On top of everything, it has a good set of shortcuts by default which you can use to perform virtually anything. Now, if you want to add gravy on it, try Vimperator.

Vimperator is an aesthetically developed add-on for Firefox that gives you access to almost all of Firefox’s features from the keyboard. It is inspired by the popular Vim Editor and if you’ve been a Vim user, you’ll already be familiar with many of the key-bindings. Even if you haven’t used Vim before, Vimperator provides a great way to ditch the mouse and control Firefox from the keyboard.


Like the Vim Editor, Vimperator comes with a default set of working modes. It is in normal mode when you’re browsing using the keyboard, the command-line or type mode when you use Vimperator command line, insertion mode for working with text fields on Web sites, and visual mode when you’re selecting text using the keys.

To get a complete Vim experience, you can use Vimperator’s hints. the most frequently used hint is Quick Hint for finding a particular link by highlighting it. You can start the Quick Hint mode by typing “f” or “F”. When you type “F” you’ll see a bunch of yellow highlights on the page and red numbers. The yellow highlights are the link text and red numbers are the numbers it is associating the link with. Under the Quick Hint mode, you’ll also see “Follow hint:” in the status bar. Type the number associated with the hint or part of the string that is highlighted in yellow & it will follow the link as soon as it gets enough information to determine which unique link you want to follow. If you don’t want to follow a link and want to quit this mode, press Esc.


It also provides you a clean & separate completion area underneath the main browsing window for creating instances and adding test for editing. You can in fact type inside the Vim as it is very well integrated into the browser, you almost get the feeling you’re using the stand-alone Vim!

Once you’ve installed Vimperator it automatically hides all the major Forefox GUI elements, including the Address and status bar. They’re not actually gone and can be restored by typing :set guioptions+=mT in the last bar at the bottom.

Download Vimperator

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  • Vordreller

    Same thing exists for Visual Studio 2010.

    VsVim it’s called. Finally people who stick to Vim can cross over to Visual Studio