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Yast – Time Tracker For Multitasking On Different Projects

When you’ve got some ten different projects piling up and time running out, you have no choice other than to suit up for multitasking. Yast is a free time tracker web service that lets you consecutively track time spent on multiple projects and gives you a cumulative figure for the total effort you’ve put it. It also lets you generate weekly, monthly and daily reports of the time you’ve spent on individual or collective project.


Yast lets you add projects, folders and subfolders. Each project’s time is tracked individually on the time line. A vertical red bar on the timeline shows current time progress and a bar color coded to match the color associated with a project trails behind it to show how much time you’ve spent on the project. You can also predefine what time you want to spend working on a project by dragging the time bar on the time line and extending it to your required hours/time.

New projects can be added by clicking New project, folders can be added by clicking New folder, and projects can be rearranged and moved from one folder to another by dragging & dropping them. To start time for any project, click the play icon in front of it and a timeline for the project will start running.

Yast report

You can also create reports for all or individual projects by clicking the report icon. Reports can be generated in either PDF, Excel or CSV format. The free version is for individual use and almost all features are available, the premium version allows multiple users and might be better slated for small companies depending on their requirements.

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