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Combine Front & Rear Camera In One Video With eyeReport For iPhone

We have previously covered Signature Camera – an app that adds a view of the photographer to photos so that no one feels left out in a group shot. The newly released eyeReport brings the same concept to videos. You might have already started to see how this can come handy on plenty of occasions. Instead of adding a still shot to a clip, you simply merge two videos together, and everyone gets happy. This can be really useful if you need to add a commentary to a video, or just want to take full advantage of both front-facing and rear-facing cameras of your iPhone. A great feature of eyeReport is its ability to let users load videos that are already in the camera roll, and overlay a new clip on them.

eyeReport-for-iPhone eyeReport iOS YouTube Share

You have to record using one camera at a time when using eyeReport, since the app does not activate both the cams simultaneously. When you hit the record button for the first time, the rear camera comes to life and you can shoot as long a clip as is required. Alternatively, it is possible to load a video from the camera roll by hitting the button located in the bottom-left corner. Once you have loaded or captured a video, eyeReport is ready to overlay another video to it using the front-facing camera for that purpose so that you can keep on looking at the first video while adding the second one. Simply position your device properly and hit the red button from the bottom bar. Although your commentary can go on longer than the actual video, not many people are likely to want that. For this purpose, eyeReport plays the original video in the background, and also shows you the progress bar at the bottom of the screen to indicate the remaining time.

As soon as you stop recording, the final video is saved to the camera roll automatically. There are also several sharing options supported by eyeReport; you can post the video to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube by hitting each network’s respective button in the bottom bar. Furthermore, you can share the video clip with others via email in .MOV format as well.

eyeReport is a fresh release, and there are plenty of areas where it can use some improvements. There should be an option of recording from the front camera while the rear cam is in action. It’ll also help if users get the choice of changing the position of the small picture-in-picture box. For now it is fixed in the top-right corner, which might not suit some people’s needs. Despite all these small shortcomings, the concept behind eyeReport is really good.

eyeReport is iPhone-optimized and you can download it for free from the App Store using the link given below.

Download eyeReport For iOS

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