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Create & Send Doodles From The iPhone Messages App

The great thing about Cydia tweaks is that they make stock apps perform tasks that can usually be done only via third-party apps. A few days ago, we covered MessageMe – an iOS messenger with a pretty decent feature list. Among other great things, MessageMe can also let you draw freehand and share your drawings with your contacts. Doodle Message is a new tweak that adds a similar feature to the stock Messages app! Now you can create colorful drawings without moving away from the SMS app, and send them to your friends all in one go. The tweak even lets you choose between several brush sizes, and makes it possible to use a photo as the background for your doodles.

Doodle Message iOS Menu Doodle Message iOS Draw Doodle Message iOS Options

Doodle Message doesn’t have any configurable options, so it doesn’t make any additions to the stock Settings app. Since the developer seems to have been intent on integrating the tweak as much as possible with existing options, you won’t see any obvious change in the Messages app. To bring Doodle Message into action, begin typing a message, and tap the camera icon next to the text box. Usually this menu just houses options for sharing photos and videos, but Doodle Message adds a new option of its own here.

The doodle screen is pretty simple, but still has all the essential features required for creating freehand drawings. To set a background image before drawing anything, hit the camera icon in the bottom bar. You can load an image from the camera roll, or shoot a new one right away. To begin sketching, select a color and brush thickness using the first icon in the options bar. There are a lot of colors, but the entire palette is in a single list, so you might have to spend some time scrolling to find a particular one that you like. Doodle Message even lets you undo and redo changes using the two arrow icons. If you want to start from scratch and scrap all your work, tap the trash can icon.

The doodle you create is sent to the other user in the form of a standard image file, so they don’t need to have the tweak installed or even a jailbroken device to view your drawing. Doodle Message is a free tweak, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. When it first came out, there were some crashing issues, but they have been taken care of by now, and Doodle Message works perfectly.

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