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Discover & Listen To Free Audio Books On iPhone With Audiobooks HQ

Some people consider Audible as the only reliable source of quality audiobooks, and that service takes full advantage of its reputation when it comes to prices (not a lot of freebies there). While it is true that not many services and apps come to par with Audible in terms of database size, fans of audio books still have a few decent alternatives at their disposal. Audiobooks HQ is the latest to join the the ranks of audiobooks apps for iOS. This iPhone app is different from its competitors though, in that all the books it offers are available for free! This is possible because Audiobooks HQ features free, public-domain books that are read by volunteers. Admittedly, the app’s collection hasn’t reached even the mark of 600 yet, but you can still use it for hours of fun if you are not too picky.

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Audiobook HQ’s rather low book count might lead you into thinking that there isn’t any good title available in it. On the contrary, almost all the books listed in the app are worth listening to. You can use the search button to look for a particular book or author, but browsing through the app is quite convenient as well. For now, Audiobooks HQ uses two major sources; Globe Radio and LibriVox. Inside both of these repositories, there are separate sections for popular titles, books by particular authors, recent additions and even a menu that lists books according to their length. Almost all English classics are available in the app, while you can also find books that will help you in learning a foreign language or other educational pursuits. Audiobooks for children have a fair representation as well. While there are some exceptions, most titles are divided into manageable episodes of approximately 30 MB.

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Once you have downloaded a book, the app’s awesome audio player can be called into action. The player supports bookmarking, complete with the the option to add your own text notes at the chosen bookmark instant. If you want to automatically stop playback after a particular amount of time, simply tap the album art and use the ‘Sleep’ button. For audiobooks that consist of multiple episodes, hit the ‘Tracks’ button to manage their parts. Controlling playback speed is possible via the slider provided at the top of the player. Even when you navigate to other parts of Audiobooks HQ while a track is playing, the player remains accessible thanks to the small ribbon tucked into the bottom-left corner of the screen.

While all the books in Audiobooks HQ are free, the app itself fetches for $1.99. However, this price is not much when you look at all the books that are being offered. The more popular this app becomes, the more chances of expansion it has. So, if you are a fan of audiobooks and want to spend some quality book-listening time with your iPhone or iPod touch, you can grab Audiobooks HQ from the link below.

Download Audiobooks HQ For iOS

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