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How To Add Multiple Accounts To The Instagram App

Instagram is possibly the only social network of note that is totally driven by images. Where it’s a great place for users to share amatuer photography, it’s also an excellent marketing ground for brands that want to promote a lifestyle through their products. The app has recently received an update and the highlight of this update is the ability to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single device. The update has been rolled out to both Android and iOS. Here’s how to add multiple accounts to the Instagram app.

Open the Instagram app and tap the profile tab at the bottom right. On your profile tab, tap the cog wheel icon at the top right to go to the Options screen. Scroll down and tap the ‘Add Account’ button. You will be prompted to enter the username and password for the account you want to add.

instagram-profile-tab instagram-add-account

With more than one account added to Instagram, the profile icon at the bottom will change to the profile image of whichever account is currently active. Tap the profile icon to switch to a different account.

instagram-multiple-account instagram-switch-account

Switching profiles is pretty easy which means managing multiple accounts is going to be easy in itself. For anyone with both a personal and professional Instagram account to manage, this feature is going to be very useful. The app doesn’t allow you to add an unlimited number of accounts. The number is capped off at five so no more than five accounts on one device. You can sign out of accounts individually, or all at once from the Options screen.

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  1. My instagram app is the latest version downloaded for playstore few days ago but add account is not there. Pls, kindly give me the link where you downloaded yours.

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