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How To Report A Player For Cheating In iOS Game Center

Game Center in iOS is pretty awesome when it comes to multiplayer games. Titles like Letterpress, Tallchess, and Fruit Ninja can connect with Game Center and allow a player to challenge a friend or find a random match to play against. Game titles like Temple Run use it to send challenges to your friends daring them to beat your score. The thing is, not everyone plays fair and some players cheat. If you know a player is cheating you can report them in Game Center. Here’s how.

Open Game Center and go to the Friends tab. You can only report a friend for cheating so if you played a game of chess with a stranger who sought help from IBM’s Watson, you cannot report them.

Inside the Friend’s tab, tap the name of the friend that’s been cheating and tap the more actions button at the top right. In the actions menu that pops up, tap the ‘Report a Problem’ option. There are different types of problems you can report a player for such as an inappropriate picture, nickname, or status, but the first option on this screen is ‘Cheating’.

game-center-ios-prob game-center-ios-report

You will have to describe the problem it is you were having playing a game with said friend that convinced you they were cheating and this is likely going to be the tricky part. Game Center will investigate impossible scores but whether or not it will investigate the use of actual cheats within games isn’t clear. It’s also unclear what punishment Apple will give to cheaters.

For anyone wondering whether it’s actually possible to use cheats etc in an iOS game like you can on a PC game, the answer is Yes. King of Thieves is a fairly popular title released last year by the makers of Cut the rope and in the initial months of its release the game had a very serious cheating problem. If a player is dedicated enough to a game, it’s possible they might invest the time to find and employ cheats to win or get insanely high scores in it.

via Lifehacker

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