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How To Search Google From Your Keyboard [iOS]

iOS 8 introduced third-party keyboards to iPhone users and since then all sorts of keyboard apps have been developed for the platform. A third-party keyboard will generally put an additional function inside a keyboard. For some apps, this additional feature might be text translation, getting the link to files in your Dropbox or Google Drive, or the more popular function; searching for GIFs. It’s been over a year since third-party keyboard support was added to iOS and Google has just made a foray into the niche with GBoard. It’s a free third-party keyboard app for iOS that lets you search anything on Google, Google Images, and find GIFs.

Download GBoard and go to the Settings app. Enable the keyboard from General>Keyboard and grant it full access.

gboard-add gboard-access

Open an app that has a text input field such as Messages, Facebook, or Twitter. Use the globe icon to switch to the keyboard. Tap the G button to enter search mode. Type in a search term and hit the enter key. The search results are displayed across three different tabs. The first tab is dedicated to Google Web Search, the second tab is dedicated to Google Images, and the last tab is dedicated to GIFs that match your search term.

gboard-search gboard-search-results

The keyboard lets you search Google and share the websites that appear in the results. You can’t however, open a website inside the keyboard. To open a link, tap the arrow button at the bottom right of a search result card. The link will open in Safari. To share a link, simply tap the Share button at the bottom left to copy and add it to the text input field. The keyboard maintains your last three search terms in its history and also supports swipe-to-type. It’s rather surprising that the keyboard doesn’t support Google Translate.

Install GBoard From The App Store

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