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Launch iOS Camera App With An Activator Gesture Using InstantCamera

Barely a fortnight ago, we covered QuickShoot – a Cydia tweak that lets you snap photos simply by double-tapping the stock Camera app’s icon. While that tweak is great for shooting photos without letting the whole world know what you’re up to, if you don’t have any particularly evil intentions and just want a quick way of getting the camera interface, there is now a much better option available. InstantCamera is not just about letting you shoot photos in the shortest time possible; this tweak lets you launch the actual Camera app without making your way to the SpringBoard or even lock screen. With InstantCamera, you just have to choose any Activator gesture for the purpose, and then perform it any time you want to bring up your iPhone’s stock camera app. The best part is that once you’re done using the camera and press the Home button, the tweak automatically brings you back to the place where you performed the gesture.

InstantCamera iOS Cydia InstantCamera-iOS-Activator_

Like most Activator-based tweaks, InstantCamera does not have a menu of its own, and works by just adding its entry to Activator’s actions list. To configure it, head to Activator’s Settings menu and select the gesture you want to assign for launch the camera. To get the most out of InstantCamera, it is better to go for a gesture that works everywhere in iOS, including in full screen apps and lock screen (we chose ‘Shake n Bake’).

To test if InstantCamera is working properly, perform the configured gesture while you are using an app or game. The stock Camera app should show up, ready to snap photos and let you navigate to the picture gallery. Now press the Home button, and the tweak will send you back to the place from where you started and performed the gesture. This little touch bestows a great deal of uniqueness and ease of use to InstantCamera.

The tweak can really prove to be handy when you are in a hurry, as well as on times you wish to snap a photo while playing a game or watching a video. The tweak’s resume feature ensures that your work in the current game/app is not lost, making InstantCamera a must-have for those who use their iPhone for instant photography pretty regularly. InstantCamera costs $1, which is in contrast with most Activator add-ons that are fee. If you think its features are worth the price though, head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store and grab it right away.

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