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[Ask The Readers] Vine vs. Instagram Video vs. MixBit

As I see it, video sharing apps like Viddy, Klip and Vyclone etc. are mere tadpoles in a sea dominated by two blue whales, so to speak: Vine and Instagram Video. Recently however, a new, well-backed tadpole emerged in the form of MixBit. The technology blogosphere has its eyes on it, expecting the service from YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen to overtake community favorite Vine. In today’s feature article, we compare the three services to decide on which deserves your attention the most, based on your valuable input.


As of typing, Vine is the single most popular video sharing platform for mobile devices. The six second limit that may be seen as a con on a technical level, is actually the best thing ever because it forces you to condense your next great video idea into a shorter, more entertaining form. It’s like 30 Seconds to Fame, but you only get 1/5th of it.

When I signed up for Vine back in January, the service was full of mundane videos of people eating out, walking home, driving to work and so on. I stopped using it because of this reason. Now, just a few months later, a sizeable community of comedians has embraced the service, publishing six second videos that will leave you in fits of laughter.

Then Facebook responded to Vine’s growing popularity by launching Instagram Video. They differentiated their service by offering a higher limit of 15 seconds, along with adding video filters and optical image stabilization that result in better-looking videos.

By the very nature of its more serious, photography-oriented social network, Instagram is for the more arty-farty type of on-the-go video sharer. The filters themselves only look good with videos that are well-shot; no Vine-like amateur reels.

Then there’s the third video-sharing service we covered recently: MixBit. Developed at Chad Hurley and Steven Chen’s new startup AVOS System, it combines elements from multiple video-sharing apps: you have a 15-second limit on video clips that can be combined with up to 255 other clips to form a full video as long as 60 minutes. What really makes it special, though, is how you can take other people’s clips, and incorporate them into your own videos to create something special that just isn’t possible on other video-sharing networks.

However, the service was launched less than two weeks ago, so it is rather empty at the moment. Then again, Vine was pretty empty in the beginning too, and now it is full of amazing content. Given it some time for the community to understand its strengths and weaknesses, and we’ll surely see amazing videos come out of the service.

Personally, I like Vine the best. Videos I’ve seen so far on Instagram and MixBit just aren’t compelling; Vine’s 6 second, quick-consumption format combined with the extensive list of active content creators takes the cake. Though this poll is about your opinion, so what is it gonna be?

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