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PopCalc Combines Calculator & Spreadsheet Functionalities On iPhone

The stock Calculator app in iOS is more than enough for most of the basic tasks an average user has to perform. For complex calculations involving multiple steps, however, some reinforcements might be needed. Apps like Grafikal add a whole new dimension to the process of performing calculations on an iPhone. PopCalc isn’t as advanced as Grafikal and some of the other Calculator alternatives available in the App Store, but the convenience it brings to the mix certainly makes it worthy of a download. The app offers a lot of multi-touch gestures, comes with a comprehensive numeric keyboard, and doubles as a spreadsheet tool to top it all off. Each step of a lengthy calculation can be properly labeled, thanks to the commenting abilities offered by PopCalc. In addition to that, every part of the calculation is automatically saved to an exportable spreadsheet.

PopCalc iOS Sheet PopCalc iOS Comments PopCalc iOS

At first glance, you might not think there is too much on offer in PopCalc, but that’s only because the app is heavily reliant on gestures. The initial screen just has basic calculator functions like add, subtract, multiply, and divide. To get the more advanced options, swipe to the right of the screen. All the numbers and functions you choose from the keyboard show up in different colors in the display area at the top of the screen. You can move the numbers around by long-pressing them. To insert a number or function in the middle of a calculation, simply tap the desired area. If you want to add a line of comments to any part of the calculation, swipe across the display bar and hit the first button that shows up.

PopCalc is a very intelligent app, and understands what the user wants in most situations. Using brackets is really easy, and you can always use a number’s percentage midway through making a calculation.

The calculations made in PopCalc are stored in a spreadsheet that is accessible by swiping to the left of the screen. It is possible to create a new sheet manually, so that you can maintain proper records of things like expenses and long calculations. To export a result or a whole spreadsheet, hit the arrow key presented in the bottom-left corner of the app’s keyboard. The spreadsheets can be mailed or sent via SMS in XLSX format.

PopCalc has two versions available in the App Store. The free app comes with ads and a limit on the size of spreadsheet, so you have to create a new one after a certain number of lines have been filled. PopCalc Pro comes without any limitations and costs $1.99.

Install PopCalc Free from App Store

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