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RapidLinks: Create A URL List & Access It From Anywhere Using An Activator Gesture [Cydia]

It is almost impossible to overemphasize the importance and usefulness of Activator. It plays an essential role in the working of many Cydia items, and the latest to benefit from the gesture control tweak is RapidLinks. This new Cydia tweak allows users to create a list of their favorite URLs, which can then be accessed from anywhere in iOS by simply performing a selected Activator gesture. This means you don’t have to launch Safari, tap the address bar and then key in the address of your favorite websites; you just have to use the designated gesture to access them all from one place. This functionality is pretty similar to the Add to Home screen feature in Safari, but the RapidLinks tweak can prove to be more useful than that as you don’t have to create separate entries for single URLs, and in addition to that, the gesture control supported by the tweak makes the whole thing more accessible and streamlined, in addition to keeping your Springboard uncluttered. Head past the break to learn all about this time-saving and useful Cydia tweak.

RapidLinks Settings RapidLinks

RapidLinks is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store, and once you have installed it to your iPhone or iPad, it is configurable via the menu it adds in the stock Settings app. The setup for the tweak is pretty simple. You can add up to 5 URLs to the RapidLinks menu, which can be achieved by entering the web address and defining a URL in each respective field. Make sure that the entered addresses are in the https:// format, as the links won’t work otherwise. Once you have done that, choose the Activation Method from the first menu provided in the options list. Any Activator gesture can be chosen as the activation method for RapidLinks. Past all the configuration, hit the Apply button and wait for the device to respring. Although the maximum limit of the bookmarks list is 5, this does not mean you can’t add less than 5 to it. If you want, just select one or two links for the list and everything will work fine. Another thing that you have to take care of is the name for each item in the URL list, as the list will look disproportionate if one of the names is too long.

Now, you can access the URL shortcut list from anywhere by simply performing the chosen activation method. The list layout is pretty neat, and you won’t regret installing RapidLinks on your iDevice, especially given the fact that it is available as a free download.

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  1. It’s bugged, after I added three links, the fourth one doesn’t show up, but when I click the cancel button, it opens the fourth link rather than closing it… Please fix this! Other than that, it’s amazing!

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