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Auto-Sign Tool For Android Developers On Mac

If you are an Android application developer working on a Mac, we have good news for you. XDA-Developers member jessetbenton has developed a great tool for Android OS application developers using a Mac. This is a droplet application that will auto-sign any dropped .apk and .zip files on it, hence saving some real amount of time and effort for app developers working on a Mac. For details, continue reading after the jump.

Screen shot 2010-04-08 at 9.16.52 AM

In case you are just learning about Android application development and don’t know this already, Android requires all APK files (the files Android uses for its applications) to be signed, in order to run them on any device. There is simply no way you can run an unsigned APK on any Android device or even on the Android emulator. That said, while developing your application, you often need to compile and test it. While you can compile it in debug mode from Eclipse directly that assigns it a debug key automatically, in case you want to assign it a regular non-debug key, the process involves providing additional information each time you compile the app. This can be tedious if you find yourself compiling and distributing your app often during development (for testing etc.). That’s where this auto-sign tool comes really handy.

Usage is very simple, as this is a droplet tool. Just drop the file you want to get signed on the application, and a new file ending with –signed will be created. However, you need a particular file, testsign.jar, to be present in your root directory. Follow the original thread link below for download and complete installation instructions.

XDA-developers Thread Link


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