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Avoid Entering Redundant Text With xType Text Expander [Mac]

Redundancy is something we all try to avoid at both work and home. In fact, eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom are perhaps the only redundant things we can’t avoid. For all other purposes, we try and keep things from getting as repetitive as possible, and these efforts extend to typing text. xType is a text expander for Mac that lets you record abbreviations for frequently entered text. Whenever you type in the abbreviation, it automatically enters the text associated with it. In the event that you have used the same shortcut for multiple text snippets, it will list all the ones that correspond to it on your screen, and you can chose which one you want to enter. The app allows you to restrict each shortcut to work in a particular app, so that it doesn’t conflict with normal typing behavior.

To start using the app, enter abbreviations and associate text with each one. Click the plus sign at the bottom of the left panel. In the Shortcut field, enter the first few letters that you will type to enter a particular text snippet when working in an app. Enter the text that should be entered when the shortcut is typed in the Expansion field. You can format the text anyway you like, and the app will retain the formatting if the This shortcut is not formatted option is unchecked. From the Applications list, you can chose one of two behaviors to apply to the shortcuts you add. The shortcut will either be available in those apps only, or it will be available for all apps except the ones you enter. To group the shortcuts you create, click the folder button at the bottom of the left panel.

xType abbreviations

To restrict this app from functioning in a particular app, e.g., your browser, click Applications and add & remove apps as per your own preference. In the event that you’ve entered the same shortcut for multiple snippets, the app will list all options associated with the shortcut on your screen, and you can chose which one to enter. In addition to text, you can also add images to these snippets and the image will be inserted along with the text.


The app was previously called Presto, so don’t be alarmed if some of the notifications or messages still say Presto instead of xType. The noteworthy feature here is the ability to restrict the app from working within other apps, and to individually chose where each shortcut will function.

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