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CryptoDock: Free Encryption Tool, Allows Setting A Unique Decryption Key For Each File [Mac]

Mac apps, or rather, good Mac apps, being dominated by a price tag is quite common, so much so that at times, it becomes hard to find a good app that can protect your files. Since protecting folders on a Mac is no easy job, most users will look for a quick and simple encryption tool to do the trick. Unfortunately, you might sometimes end up using two different apps; one to encrypt and the other to decrypt files. CryptoDock is a free Mac app that performs both encryption and decryption on files and folders, all through one package. The app lets you add a unique password to each one of the files you encrypt, which comes in handy if you want to securely share files with different people over a shared drive or online location.

The app’s interface isn’t something you’re going to fall in love with, so we’ll focus on what it does. It has two modes – encryption and decryption – which must be selected using the respective buttons to the left before you can secure or unlock a file. Choose the mode first, as the app will reset the file options when a mode is selected.


Select the file you want to encrypt from the File Input box, and decide where the output file should be saved to. You will have to define the name that the output file will be saved with. Enter a password in Key, and click Start.

To decrypt a file, follow the same procedure, but choose Decryption Mode instead. You will need to specify an output file name, just like you did before, as well as a format. While the app encrypts files, it does not provide you with a recovery option in case you forget the key that you entered for a particular item, so observe extra caution with that one. The original file is not removed once encryption is complete, and continues to reside unprotected on your disk, unless you delete it yourself.

Download CryptoDock For Mac

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