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Extract Multiple Addresses From A vCard File

The Mac Address Book offers storage of contact information in the all-popular vCard format. Consider having multiple addresses/contact information within one vCard file for a particular contact, and you wanted to separate all of these out in individual files. vCard Splitter does exactly that for you.

In order to use this lightweight tool, download the .dmg file to your machine and run it. It will ask to for the vCard file location. Point to the file you want to split and that’s it. It will create separate vCard files for all addresses in the parent file location.

vCard Splitter

As mentioned on the developer’s website, a useful tip would be to create a new folder with the single vCard file and then drag this folder on to vCard Splitter. This will ensure that the resulting separate vCards are in one location and not all over your desktop. Just to avoid clutter.

Download vCard Splitter

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