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GrowlMail Posts Desktop Notifications For Mac Mail App

Do you always miss out on important emails with Mac’s native email client – Mail? What you need is an instant notification system which notifies you about incoming mails. GrowlMail is a small plugin for Mac Mail app to notify you of incoming mails the way you want. Unlike other notification tools for Mac Mail app, it allows a wide range of customizations in terms of when to send notifications, message text, structure, etc. You can change the way message appears on your desktop whilst options to customize the message notification body text can also be defined along. You can set it to always notify on receiving mails or let it send message only when Mail app is not active but running in background. Moreover, if you get overwhelming number of emails everyday, you can let it show only summary of received mails instead of separate notification for each message.

Before installing the plug-in, make sure the Mail app is not running. Once installed, open the Mail app and open Preferences from Mail menu. In Preferences window, click the arrow button to select GrowlMail.


In GrowlMail preferences window, you can change the default notification settings. By default, it shows Title and Description of message box that pops up when you receive mails. However, you can replace it with any other mail element. Here, you can set when to send notifications and enable / disable notifications for configured accounts.


Once settings are configured, you will see Growl notifications next time you receive emails.

mail growl 1

GrowlMail works on Mac 10.6.5 or higher.

Download GrowlMail

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