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Hide Launchpad App Pages & Refresh App List With Launchpad-control

We covered Launchpad-control since it helps displaying only important applications in Mac OS X 10.7 Launchpad. The Launchpad sorts installed applications in alphabetical order, making it easier for users to find applications from stack, and supports mouse-gesture feature to let users quickly navigate through application pages. If you’ve installed a great deal of applications, it would definitely become tiring to manually hide each application using the launchpad-control. Launchpad-control latest version 1.3 has been written to address this annoying problem. This update brings an option to hide applications by pages. You can uncheck the page you want to hide, and it will immediately conceal it with all underlying applications in Launchpad. Another noteworthy aspect is that it can do full reset of Launchpad by creating a fresh application listing database file.

The latest version shows the applications by pages. If you have 3 app pages in Launchpad, it will display 3 application lists. To remove the first page, just uncheck Page 1 and click Apply to hide all applications present on page 1.

lauchpad control

Once done, open Launchpad to verify the number of pages. The reset feature comes useful when you Launchpad fails to remove icons of uninstalled applications. It will delete the existing application list database and create a new one with only installed applications.

full reset

It must be noted that resetting application list will remove any custom groups you may created in Launchpad.

Download Launchpad-control version 1.3

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