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MailTab for Gmail: Get Full Gmail Functionality From Menu Bar [Mac]

If you learn about what you’re having for dinner via email, then it’s fair to say that email is more than an integral part of your life. Email, as anyone will testify, isn’t just a work thing, and you probably check your email as often as often as you check Facebook. If you’re a Gmail user, and looking for a simple way to get alerts for new mail and be able to quickly view and reply to emails, then MailTab for Gmail is a Mac app that will give you access to your inbox from the system menu bar. You can view, search and compose email just as if you were using it from your browser; the app checks for emails automatically, loads any new emails and sounds out an audio alert when a new message is received.

Once installed, sign in to your Gmail account, and the app will load messages in your inbox. Select a message to view it. The app’s interface reflects that of an iOS app, where the button on the top left will let you move back to the previous menu. The app is accessible from a button on the system menu bar.

MailTab for Gmail menu

From the cog wheel button on the top right, you can manage which signature appears at the end of each email, i.e., desktop or mobile signature, and also manage an out of the office or vacation auto reply.

MailTab for Gmail settings

To compose a message, you will first have to open one of your mailboxes. The compose email button will appear in the top right corner. The app can access your contacts, and will list the ones that match as you type in a name in the To field.

MailTab for Gmail compose

The app provides you full email functionality, and might be especially useful if you like new email alert notifications that you get in Gtalk, but can’t get them with iChat. To manage notifications and general settings, click the cog wheel at the vey bottom of the app window (you will find it to the left of the Facebook Like button).

MailTab for Gmail notificatiosMailTab for Gmail general settings

The app doesn’t boast very advanced features, but for keeping up with your email, this is a simple, free solution. The app’s interface, which is reminiscent of the flow of an iOS app, might make it even easier to use if you’re an iPhone user.

Get MailTab for Gmail From Mac App Store

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