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PDFNut For Mac Is A Great PDF Reader With Tabbed Viewing

Ever since I started using a web browser that supported tabs (something that didn’t happen for me until Chrome debuted), I’ve always felt that tabs were the right way to view any and all types of content. They make browsing and navigation easy and the lack of window clutter is an added advantage. This is one of the reasons why I find the lack of tabbed browsing in both Finder on Mac and File Explorer on Windows 8 to be perplexing. The good thing is, the tabbed browsing trend has caught on and spread to all sorts of applications over the years. PDFNut is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that applies this concept to PDF viewing. The app lets you open multiple PDF files in different tabs, features a bookshelf that you can add files to by dragging & dropping them onto the app, allows bookmarking and annotating pages, searching text within a PDF file and supports table of contents.

When you first launch PDFNut, it will display a blank window asking you to drag & drop files onto it. As you add files, you create a separate library for them within the app. Double click a file, and the app will open it in a new tab. The tabs can be dragged around to change their order.

PDFNut shelf

The only controls you will see are in the top bar. You have a bookmark button to mark a page, the option to show or hide the side bar, where the table of contents appear and an annotation tool that lets you highlight or encircle text for future reference.

A marked page has a red ribbon in its top-right corner. All bookmarks can be accessed from the small drop-down menu at the extreme right of the top bar.


Though PDFNut is light and fast, has a neat, minimal design and supports tabbed viewing, there are two major features users will miss: the lack of a search bar for the library that’s created and certain basic panning and navigation controls. It also doesn’t support keyboard shortcuts, which means you have to go through the right-click context menu to do the simplest of tasks, like zooming in/out on a page.

That said, the app is new to the store, so we might yet see a lot of additions and improvements in future updates. The link provided below will take you to its Mac App Store page.

Download PDFNut From Mac App Store

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