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ReSpaceApp Provides Easier Desktop Spaces Navigation & Window Management [Mac]

Desktop Spaces is not only a remarkable feature in OS X, but also the only way you can group your windows by tasks. There is nothing that suggests the feature is inconvenient, but for those of you who think there is always room for improvement, you can give ReSpaceApp a try. It is a free Mac app that makes it easier to switch between desktop spaces and move windows from one to the other. The app is free while in beta, and is ideal if you work with a lot of windows spread throughout multiple desktop spaces. It supports a wide range of keyboard shortcuts that you can customize to make navigation easier.

Once installed, run the app and go to its preferences from the menu bar icon. The app’s icon shows which desktop number you are on, and is updated when you switch to a different desktop space. Go to the Layout tab and select the number of desktop spaces you need on the grid. If you have too few spaces, you can create them by clicking the Add Desktops button. The button appears only if the number of desktops you need is greater than the number of desktops you currently have.

ReSpaceApp layout

From the Hotkeys tab, select the keys for switching between desktops. The Hotcorners tab lets you define any one or all four of the screen’s corners as hot corners, where you can move your cursos to bring up an onscreen gird that you lets you switch to another desktop space.


To drag a window from the current desktop space to another one, hold down the Control button and you will see an on-screen grid appear with all windows visible in their respective desktop space. You can select a window from one space and drag it to the other.

ReSpaceApp windows

Using the Control+Shift+Arrow shortcuts lets you switch to another space and gives you an on-screen notification that lets you see which space your are shifting to.

ReSpaceApp navigate

As far as managing desktop spaces goes, the app adds a lot of convenience. As opposed to having to move through each space individually or opening Mission Control to move windows, you can move them from the same desktop you are working on. What’s left to be seen is the price tag that the app will carry once it is out of Beta. Possible features that can be added is the ability to move all windows of a particular app from one desktop space to another. This feature already exists natively in OS X and should really be supported in an app like this.

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