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Split Your Tasks To Multiple Time Slices With Time Hunk [Mac]

Time Hunk is nifty little application for Mac which offers an interesting way to manage time that you’ll be spending over defined tasks or projects. The application was developed keeping splitting tasks in multiple time slices in mind for allocating each slice to work that has to be done for completing a task or project. Time Hunk differs from other time management software in many ways, it comes without any fancy options, allowing users to set it up quickly for tracking time while it has three different on-screen user visualizers – classic Stopwatch, Digital timer and a Progress bar to view the defined slice time in different ways.

time hunk2

First off, it’s recommended to choose an appearance and define time slices according to the tasks’ phases. Under Slices window, there’re 3 columns to specify task name, slice time, and alarm sound. The Appearance window refers to selecting the UI which you want to keep. Unlike Stopwatch and Digital timer, the progress bar visualizer holds 2 extra options to define warning and critical level. On closing down the configuration window, the timer will automatically get started and begin counting down specified time slice.

time hunk 3

It runs on Mac OS X 10.0 or higher. Testing was carried out on Mac 10.6.

Download Time Hunk for Mac

Update: The developer of this app has removed it from the Product page and thus, it is no longer available to the public.

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