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Turbodo: Create Universal Mac Shortcuts To Open Files & Apps [Paid]

Keyboard shortcuts are dead useful. The universal application of Command + C, Command + V etc., across different OS, is a proof of just how convenient they are. Turbodo is a Mac app worth $4.99 that takes universal shortcuts to a new level. It allows you to create shortcuts for just about any file, folder and app on your Mac. The app runs unobtrusively in the System Menu Bar, and no matter which app you are working in, or which desktop space you’re on, the app enforces the shortcuts you create. You can open and execute several files and apps from just one shortcut. The app has a drag & drop interface for adding executable items.

When you first launch the app, it will prompt you to create shortcuts before the window interface closes on its own. The app will, nevertheless, add a folder like button with two arrows pointing in opposite directions, to the System Menu Bar. Click this Icon and select Edit Shortcuts. To add a shortcut, click the plus button at the bottom of the left panel. This panel lists all shortcuts that you’ve created. When you click the plus button, an untitled shortcut is added and selected. Edit the Name field and enter a name that will help you identify what this shortcut does. Click the Shortcut field and type in the shortcut you want to set, i.e., if you want to set Command + M as shortcut, press the Command and M keys together. To add the app or file this shortcut will open/execute, drag & drop it onto the Files, apps, or folders to open: field. You can add as many files, folders or apps as you like, and they will all open when the shortcut is typed. Enter one file path or shell command per line.


If you find the app is interfering with shortcuts from another app, you can always execute these shortcuts from the System Menu bar. Simply right click the app icon and click the desired shortcut. All apps or folders that you’ve added to the shortcut will open when you click just the one shortcut. The shortcuts are represented by the name you entered when creating them. As mentioned before, ensure that the names make sense, or you will not be able to identify them from the Menu Bar.

Turbodo menu bar options

Overall, the app works seamlessly and there isn’t any conflict when it comes to working with other apps. Practice caution as the app will not warn you against entering shortcuts like Command + C, and it might end up conflicting with your word editor, or even your browser.

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